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What does this sound like? What would you do?

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My almost 10 year old son has been disgnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD and undiagnosed with some sort of processing issue. He has generalized tonic clonic seizures at night and they are thinking absence seizures during the day. He is on Lamictal 150 mg twice a day.


He has been recieving OT, with the same therapist, for @ 14 months now. They moved into a new building in Janaury and he has been going there twice a week since. Everytime we are there he uses the bathroom and he knows his way around the building fairly well. He has always found the bathroom himself without trouble.


Monday he asked his therapist if he could use the bathroom, she said yes, but he then looked confused, kind of turned around a few times and then asked her where the bathroom was. She showed him where it was, thought it was kind of strange for him, but didn't give it much thought.


Tuesday he saw her again and the same thing happened. He asked to use the bathroom, started walking towards the hall and then had to be shown where the bathroom was.


After OT he has ST in the same building. He had been chewing gum and realized he needed to throw it out to do his lessons. He couldn't find the trash and had to be shown where the barrel was. He definitely knew where it was before.


After his OT spoke with me yesterday I remembered that during his reading lesson yesterday he seemed off. He has been doing well but yesterday was back to not knowing his short vowel sounds and I had to remind him a few times.


The therapist wondered if what happened Monday and Tuesday were seizures, but this doesn't sound like a seizure to me at all. What does this sound like to you?


Should I call his pedi or the Dr who did his neuro-eval or his neurologist? Wait until his next neuro appointment? One of the other kids has an appointment with our pedi next week, should I wait and bring it up then? He is supposed to be having a 3 hour EEG soon( it's been 5 weeks already though) and when he can get scheduled, a 24 hour EEG at children's hospital.


Thanks if you read this far!

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The therapist wondered if what happened Monday and Tuesday were seizures, but this doesn't sound like a seizure to me at all. What does this sound like to you?


In my pediatric nursing days I took care of many neuro patients. Seizures are the first thing I thought of when I read your post. Check his sheets. Did he wet the bed?


I would call his neuro Dr. they may want to get the EEG while he's having symptoms.




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Ok, I called. Part of the why I wasn't sure what to do was because the Dr who did his neuropsych eval wanted him to switch to a new neuro, who specializes in children and happens to be local to us, instead of his old neuro who is 1.5 hours away and sees patients of all ages. We hadn't gotten our first appointment yet so I didn't know who to call. I called their office, explained what was going on and we have an appointment on the 10th with the new neuro specialist!

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