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For the bedroom, your bed is the focal point. It should be the first thing one sees when they enter the room.





You may not be able to watch HGTV but they have a lot of info online. For family pictures, You can pick a wall. Keep it uniform by the frames. Same color, style etc. For living areas, things should be grouped to provide conversation. Think U shapes. As for the neutral, you can add color through accessories. Pillows, throws, lamp shades, artwork, and window treatments.

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for past issues of home decorating magazines. I can't think of a specific title right now. When a friend of mine stated an interior design business, the librarian gave her a stack of magazines. Ask people around you for magazines. I think Home Beautiful is a good one. Another thought is to go to Barnes and Nobles. Look at their magazines and find the type of style that you like.


Once you have a stack of books and magazines, find arrangements, colors, and styles that you like. Cut out and put into a notebook. Then you can see what you want to accomplish.


I hope this helps,



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We do not get HGTV. What are some other good resources for ideas?


Do you have a "family photo" area or wall and where?


When you walk into a room, living or bedroom, what is the most inviting arrangement? We have always tended to maximize room space, but that means you are walking in and seeing corners of couches, corners of beds, etc.. If we angle our bed it would have to be partially in front of a window, while that would work for winter, I would like to be able to have the option of opening the windows.


As far as accents, we've always been kid & dust proof, so this is a new venture to try to make our house more cozy instead of so much neutral and open space.


How do you balance a bit of color with dh's desire for neutral, black, and chuncky masculine pieces? How do you pull everything together?


We tend to make our stairwell wall the family picture area. I only have family photos in a couple areas other than that.


I think pulling furniture into a room vs placing it directly against a wall is one way to increase the "cozy" effect.


Try adding accent colors through personal items like throw pillows, vases, artwork, candles, etc. All of our furniture is big and dark. But our rooms have bursts of colors on the walls in our artwork or in small displayed items. (like bright blue/yellow tie-dyed pictures.....can't even begin to describe them. We purchased them in Brazil. I have thrown in a few other bright blue accents to make it flow. In that room all the furniture is dark brown with black accents)



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You can access HGTV via internet ... go here. Under the "Decorating" section, you can find tips, portfolio's and some video makeovers. One show, Find Your Style, helps people find their design style ... take that quiz to see if you like modern or country-french.


There are so many good shows, it's hard to list them all. From your post, I've gathered that you don't want to remodel, just re-arrange what you have. So, some shows to look at (online, of course) are: ReMix, Freestyle, Color Correction, Decorating Sense (the second part of each show is a re-arrange), and Design on a Dime.


Other design channels are: DYI Network and Fine Living. While there are not as many decorating shows on these two ... what they have are good.


Our library has a book based on an HGTV show, Designer's Challenge ... The best of Designer's challenge : problem rooms solved 3 ways. The library also has a nice selection of other design books.


Good Luck ... HTH!

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In this house, we do family photos in our den and in our master bedroom. We don't have any portraits hung on walls.


I do watch HGTV, almost constanly, so I'm out of touch with good decorating magazines these days. All the women's magazines, such as Better Homes, Southern Living (or Midwest, don't know where you are), etc. always have decorating tips in them.


I can't tell from your description what your bedroom looks like, but it sounds as if your doorway is placed in such a way that you see the side (or one bottom corner) of the bed as you enter. If there's no other solid wall large enough to hold the bed, I think that's still okay, you might just dress it up more so that it really looks inviting. And you might slightly angle your pillows toward the doorway (and use lots of them), so that they look inviting as you enter the room.


I live with three guys, so there's not a lot of flowery fru-fru in my house either. Now we do all happen to like the same colors, so we have a lot of color. But black is a neutral, just as are tans, browns, whites, creams, etc. You can choose tons of different color palettes to pop off such colors. You can add throw pillows and afghans for color pops (and these don't have to be patterned; they can be solid, brighter colors). You can bring in color by way of your picture frames, and the artwork in them, too. And you can use accent decorative pieces to bring in your color. So your walls and big pieces may be neutrals, but you could add in any color you want (or pick two different colors that compliment each other) by way of accents and really spice that up! Have fun! (I LOVE decorating!)



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[quote name=

How do you balance a bit of color with dh's desire for neutral' date=' black, and chuncky masculine pieces? How do you pull everything together?[/quote]


One thing I've picked up on from decorating shows is the "repeating pattern" idea. I just tried this with great success. We have curtains that are green/ivory/tan checkered. We got rid of our green furniture, and now have chunky, manly, leather furniture, which doesn't match at all w/ the curtains. I added throw pillows in a checkered pattern (similar colors, but not exact copies of the curtains), and am amazed at what 2 pillows can do for a large room!

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I think it makes sense to put it there. Your room sounds much like mine and I think the side of our king bed is only about 4 feet from our bathroom door. The door opens into the bathroom, not out into the room, so that works fine. And there's room for nighstands on either side, too.


Good luck with your work,



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