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Songschool Latin?

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We used it this year for my twin 3rd grade boys and 2nd grade dd. We really liked it! It was fun and didn't take very much time out of our day. We kept a copy of the CD in the car and listened to it for reinforcement throughout the week. I thought my boys would find the songs too babyish but they enjoyed it. Even my 3 yo sang along with us. I think it's a nice, gentle, and easy introduction to Latin. I mostly used it this year because I didn't think my 2nd grader was ready for Latin for Children Primer A. I think it will make next year w/LFC A a little easier for us. HTHs!


Also, if you do a search on Song School Latin, I think there are other threads where other people's reviews have been discussed.

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We have really enjoyed it with my 3rd, 1st and pre-K children. We haven't done the workbooks as much as just listen to the songs in the car and at home several times a week. Sometimes we listen to it over. and over. and over....sometimes we take a day or two in between hearings.


Even my pre-K'er is dancing around chanting and saying "salve, magistra" to his co-op teacher. My 2yo also dances around and sings along!

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We are using it and enjoy it. I bought it last year for my 5yr old and and my 2yr old loves it too. She likes to sing the songs too.

I haven't used the workbook yet. I will be this year as my third daughter will be old enough to use it.


Highly recommend it.

p.s. the program is meant for early exposure to Latin.

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Love, love, LOVE it! I skipped the TM. We do one chapter a week, listen to the songs as much as possible, and review vocabulary with flashcards in the morning. I also try to work the words into our everyday life and I made a few fun things for enrichment, like a mood chart and animal name tags in Latin.


We can't wait for Song School Greek!


My only complaint is that there's no obvious "bridge" to LfC if you go through the program early. Apparently there will be a SSL 2, but not for a couple more years.


Becca is doing the workbook, but Sylvia listens to the songs and does a great job learning the vocabulary. She got very good at finding the mixed-up animal tags!

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Another thumbs up here. We loved it. Ds's favourite subject this year. The songs were catchy and he caught on and still remembers most of the vocabulary words we learned this year. The teacher's manual is exactly the same as the workbook (which I would definely recommend) I bought it but never needed it on any occassion so I wouldn't recommend that.

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