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Finishing OPGTR; should we start grammar or spelling in K?


Start grammar and spelling before 1st grade if done with phonics?  

  1. 1. Start grammar and spelling before 1st grade if done with phonics?

    • Start both FLL and Spelling Workout
    • Start FLL only
    • Start Spelling Workout only
    • Don't start spelling or grammar until 1st
    • The always-needed other option (please explain)

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I'm planning to follow very closely to SWB's recommendations in WTM, especially for grammar/spelling/writing. But I have a bit of a dilemma. My daughter just turned 5 and will be officially starting K this year. We'll probably finish OPGTR by August. So, should I have her go ahead and start spelling and/or grammar in the fall or winter? If so, which? If not, is there something beyond lots and lots of reading, both aloud and independent, we should work on?


I guess on the one hand, I see no reason to wait. She's already asking how to spell things while she writes notes, and I know FLL is quite gentle. But I also don't want to go overboard. :tongue_smilie: I keep reminding myself that it's just kindergarten, and I do really want to keep the focus light and fun for the year.


Tell me what you think! I'll attempt to attach a poll, but I haven't quite figured that out yet. :001_huh: And thanks in advance for your help.

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So she's reading on about a 3rd grade level? I'm guessing here.

I would keep K very gentle and fun, and hold off on anything formal.


If she is already a strong reader, I'd work on other things while continuing to read a lot!

I'd also look at her writing skills--does she fatigue easily? Could you use letter tiles/magnets to have her spell, or do you think she could handle as much writing as, say, Spelling Workout requires? SWO A is pretty appropriate, I think, for a child in K who can write w/o fatigue, likes to spell, and reads well.


I would definitely hold off on grammar, but you could have some fun listening to the SchoolHouse Rock Grammar Rock videos.


There's no rush.

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I might get her puzzles and games that would encourage spelling and writing, but I wouldn't start formal studies until first grade. Holding off until first grade is more about letting the child be ready developmentally than academically. Granted she may start first grade with second grade books! In my experience with my early readers, she'll be more likely to soar then. :)

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I'd start both (and I'm doing it with my dd). Many people who post here have started FLL in K (with an early reading child) because it is so gentle. I'd just be careful not to add any unnecessary pressure. If you find that she is having difficulty with the concepts than it is very easy just to stop and add it in again later.

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My 2nd dd was 5.5yo at the beginning of last school year. She turned 6yo in January. She is also an advanced reader. Even though she was a Ker by age, she did 1st grade work last year, including grammar (GWG, which she LOVED!) and spelling (AAS, completing through Step 10 of Level 3).


So, IMO you should start if you think she's ready, but pull back if you need to. You know your dc best!

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Webster's Speller!


You get both phonics review and spelling, phonics for words up to 12th grade level.


We did the Speller in K, and made it fun by doing it on the white board. My daughter liked writing, so we did mostly written spelling, but you can do oral with some "written" spelling with magnetic letters.


The text in the speller is too small for a K age child.

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