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Apologia General Science - anyone use the Sonlight schedule?

Tami in CA

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I am curious about this? I printed out Donna Young's schedule for Apologia General Science, and then I found out about Sonlight's schedule. I just wish I could see a sample of it. If you have used Sonlight's schedules I would love to hear what they are like. Are they worth the $16?



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It has been a few years since I have used it, but I think you will do just fine with the Donna Young's schedule. The layout is similar (as long as they haven't revamped it) in the way each page is set up for the module and then in a grid format it tells you what to do each day.


I think I remember saying I wish I would have known about DY guide and saved the $$.

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I bought this a while back and I like it. It's only $16.00.


Personally, I don't get the whole Donna Young thing. Every time I go there to give them another chance, I find absolutely nothing I can use. But that's just me.



Link to Apologia General Science IG




Link to SL IG Guides:



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