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Adderall is a Superb drug for ADD/ADHD, but.....

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If you overdose on it. Be Prepared. It is 5 AM, and there are about 1,000 sheep wandering in my bedroom. And I am WIDE awake. That's All.


Or maybe I'm now Bi-Polar?





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ETA: Or maybe I'm now Bi-Polar?
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the wee hours.




That, and I felt queasy pretty often. Since I'm trying to lose weight, you'd think I'd be happy a pill made me lose my appetite. That feeling was yucky, however.


I guess I should have another chat with the good MD.


Hope you're sleeping peacefully right now!

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No sleep for me until 3:00 this afternoon. First, McDonald's playdate, then grocery, then gymnastics. Fortunately, this is all within 10 minutes of home. And McDonald's has a good supply of caffeine.

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Ah yup! I believe the regular (not extended) release has a 6 hour half life. Half gone in 6 hours and half of what's left gone in another six hours so I always figure that I should not take mine if I don't have at least 12 hours of day left. I only take it on days when I have to get something done that takes tons of energy or concentration because it can make me a little cranky especially if I take it a few days in a row. Also, I think that taking any form of amphetamine is disqualifing for a bipolar disagnosis. In other words, a dr. would not dream of dx-ing bipolar if you were taking any amphetamine within the last two weeks. I don't think you have any worries, it just sounds like you took it to late in the day. You will probably sleep good tonight though. :)

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