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Yeehaw! Whoopee!

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I miss my chickens SO MUCH!!! I had one, Oprah, who was just like a dog. She'd come to my house EVERY day for canned cat food and cheese. :lol::lol: She'd yell out to me if she saw me outside and would come RUNNING!!! She'd sit under the deck and watch me swim. She was at my side when ever I was outside gardening. I loved her SO much!


Something got to her. No more chickens until we have an enclosed coop for them. I had them in the barn but would let them free range during the day.


I miss Oprah!!!!!!!!!! :angelsad2::(:crying:

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I have a question....When they start setting, they don't even roost at night? They must get up to eat or something, right? I have chickens, but no roosters yet, so I'm very ignorant about all this...

Roosters would be somewhat of a requirement first, methinks :lol:


(Just teasin)

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They won't leave the nest but once or twice a day (depends on the temps, would be my guess). We gave her water and food right next to her the last few days and those first 2 days after hatching where she also would not leave.


To encourage broodiness, leave the eggs in the nest, at an appropriate time of the year, of course. Or do like we did and just forget to check that coop for a week or so, lol.



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