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Help me plan my 5 year old dd princess birthday party...

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I really want it to be special for her, but I can't spend a fortune. She is having 4 guests coming over plus her three older sisters will be there to celebrate with her. This is her first friends party, plus she has been through a lot lately with a really bad case of the chicken pox.


So far I have planned for her and her guests to dress up in play ball gowns and she really wants a pinata, so I'll have to get one of those. Other than that, I need some fun games, activities, crafts, food recipes, decorations to make it all come together for my sweet dd.


So what would you do? Thanks!


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Last year when my youngest dd turned 5 she "HAD" to have a princess party.


The cake was very easy to make--I'd rate it for a beginner.


I put lots of pretend jewlry in the pinata.


We decorated fun-foam castle picture frames (kits purchased at Michaels).


We also decorated 'princess' party hats. I made the bases out of posterboard and the girls glued decorations and stickers all over them.


We did not do much more 'traditional' party stuff... the girls just played together and chatted while they decorated.

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we did a 4yo princess party :-)


ok, more of a ROYALTY party so her 4 brothers wouldn't feel icked out, lol.


I bought each girl a simple tiara --but she had been wanting a *tiara* forEVer, lol.

If you can roll a paper cone for a princess hat that would be fun to decorate.

maybe spend a dollar at walmart for some shimmery tulle to attach to the top.



I also had each girl decorate a wand --i cut out cardboard shapes of hearts and stars and let them choose the end-shape of their wand. We decorated w/ colored glitter [gold cuz i had it on hand already, lol.]


you should be able to find El Cheapo princess jewelry at a party store or the party aisle at Walmart.


they had plenty of fun PLAYING dressup --we didn't do too much after that.


have fun!

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I use this site a lot when planning birthday parties. Last year my oldest wanted a bunny party and we found a picture of a bunny which I colored and then used cotton balls to pin the tail on the bunny. You could do something similiar with a princess picture and make some tiaras.


I've also played letter bingo, found crafts and coloring pages for various themes.


We've done the princess party thing a few times. We usually ask the kids to show up in their princess costumes.


For the pinata--I check out garage sales, thrift stores, clearance isles and Target usually has some nice deals in their party department. I look for things like sunglasses, beaded necklaces, cheap plastic bracelets and rings. Sometimes, I throw a bag of candy in there.


My cakes taste awful so I splurge there and get it from the store.


Hope you have a wonderful party.:)

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Some of the things we did for a 6 yo princess/flower party with guests ranging from 4-8:


paper flowers--I precut small stacks of red tissue paper squares about 3 inches square for this and prefolded some for the younger ones, wrapping green pipe cleaners around the middle. The older ones folded their own and fluffed, the youngers just had to fluff. This made a nice size to put on a ponytail, headband or wrap around a wrist for a corsage. I made much larger ones (about 10 inches square) of various colors to use as decorations instead of balloons (my cats eat the strings of balloons) and gave some to each guest to take home.


beaded jewelry--for the younger ones, pipe cleaners and pony beads, as the pipe cleaners are stiffer and easier to manipulate, had some yarn and pony beads for the older ones.


folded paper fans---crayons, stickers and construction paper for them to fold their own fans. They can cut the folded paper (like paper snowflakes) to make a lacier fan if they like, or we have a local historical site that sells the fancy wooden folding fans for $1.75 each and they would make nice favors (I've seen them at World Market as well, but can't remember the price).


bought cheap plastic wine glasses at the party store and served sparkling juice in them along with cake and fruit. The table decoration was a bouquet of real flowers


Invited the girls to wear their princess dresses. The dollar store often has glitzy looking small purses which make great favors.


Look at http://www.familyfun.com for some additional ideas.

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Do you have access to an overhead projector? Can you borrow one from church or a private school? Use the overhead to project lifesize images onto butcher paper and then use poster paint or watercolor paints to colorize your images. They make mural type wall decorations with large wow factor. I got this idea from the way we decorated for Vacation Bible School - I just used images I took from a Cinderella coloring book, traced them onto acetate, hung butcher paper on the wall, and projected the tracings onto the paper, outlined with a wide-tip sharpie, then painted.


You know what: this sounds very complicated and over the top. I guess I tried harder when I was younger. LOL. (DD is 18 this year, we did this "Cinderella Princess Party" the year she was 6.)


Okay, here's a more realistic idea: Buy a blister pack of rings and a multi-pack of lip glosses - hide these inside a close-able container of some kind - because of our Cinderella theme we used a lidded basket shaped like a pumpkin but a jewelry box or a velvet drawstring bag would also work - whatever you have on hand. Then we played music on the CD player and played a variant of "hot potato." We passed the pumpkin (filled with rings and lip glosses) around the circle of girls while the music played. When the music stopped whoever had the pumpkin was "out" but she also got to choose a prize from inside the box as a consolation. We kept the contents of the box a secret and had the girls conceal what they chose - to make it more fun, but this would be optional.


Sigh - princess parties are so much fun. I remember DD's very fondly.

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