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Just curious....how long do people stay?

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When you invite another family over for dinner, how long do they normally stay?

How long is too long?


I'm not talking about old friends who are more like family...I'm talking people that you really like, but are just getting to know.

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It seems like for people that we are just getting to know or don't instantly and perfectly "fit" it's about 2.5 hours.


But we've recently met a couple that we have clicked with and it'll last up to 3.5 hours and then we only have to stop because the kids are getting tired and cranky. (We only seem to be able to schedule time with them in the evening.)

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This is what happened last weekend:


Hubby made arrangements for us to visit a woman he went to middle school. We got there about 2pm. We left about 11pm. We played games (board, cards, wii) and ate and talked. It was great.


There were natural times one or all of us could have bowed out...you know, between games or after supper or us saying it's a long drive or them saying "church in the morning" or whatever...

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