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Can a soon to be 5th grader go from Writing Tales II to

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Hi, Hot Lava!


Any student finishing WT 2 is more than ready to begin Homer, regardless of age! WT 2 over-prepares them to begin Homer, honestly. And doing any part of Aesop would be redundant. Go ahead and start Homer...the first four or five months will be a wonderful breeze.



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Hey, I defer to Amy of WT since she is the expert in that however, just to tell you my experience. I am currently doing Classical Writing Homer A with my son who just finished Writing Tales 2. He loves Classical Writing and he said that it is much easier than Writing Tales. Writing Tales over-prepares the child for Classical Writing. Seriously, Classical Writing suggests writing from the key word outline. My son just started doing that and he has the story summarized and rewritten in two days. Now we are doing the six questions to ask in a narrative scene. OO! This is fun.


It almost seems as if Writing Tales flows right into Classical Writing Homer. We have not misssed a beat since we started and we are at the beginning.


Go straight to Homer. And get the regular Homer not the one for advanced students.





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