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Need help with 7th grade texts / workbooks

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Until this weekend, I thought I had next year planned for my rising 7th grade DD but she is asking for more textbooks and workbooks. She likes how the Life Pak workbooks look in general. She also likes the Apologia General Science and Physical Science texts. Keep in mind, we not actually used either. I would very much appreciate some other ideas in science, history, grammar and logic. Math is covered with Singapore NEM. I'm not going to use texts / workbooks for everything but I would like to accommodate her request in some areas. I'm feeling a bit lost. Thankfully, I've not actually purchased much for next year.




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IMHO, I think CLE or R&S would be better choices that LifePac's. I'm trying CLE Reading 7 this year with my 12 yo dd because of recommendations I've seen on here. I've also seen more that use CLE and R&S for grammar and such. My only experience with Lifepac's is Science 6th grade and Science 1st grade. We really didn't care for either.


We are doing Rainbow Science for the next 2 years. I really like the looks of it. It has a 2 year textbook, a lab book/journal for each year, and all the "stuff" for every experiment. The studies are a semester each, physics, chemistry, biology, earth/applied sciences.


I am still learning about classical education and am just starting logic/critical thinking. We're going to do these workbooks, Orbiting with Logic and Think A Minutes. If we can cover both the first semester, we'll do Fallacy Detective after that.


I hope this helps some.

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Yes, Check out CLE. Of about 3 or 4 people I know who tried Life Pac Science, nobody liked it. I think the Apologia General would be better. We're doing Rainbow science for dd as well. Hopefully it goes well!


Christian Liberty Academy has workbook stuff---spelling, Bible, grammar that are cheap and decent.

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I'll throw in another vote for Rainbow Science. We are also doing this over the next 2 years.


The Art of Argument is another book you can use for logic. We have not used it personally, but I did get the chance to look at it briefly at convention. I liked this better than Fallacy Detective.


The Critical Thinking Company also has workbooks for many subjects. We will be using Word Roots and Analogies this year.

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my kids love Maps, Charts, and Graphs by Modern Curriculum Press. I buy a new one every year for their different grade levels. They are inexpensive, but they are in color, and the answers are in the back so no TE needed.


My dc take the IOWA test every year, and I have found these books to be a big help. They fill an area that often gets overlooked in my eclectic homeschooling curriculum.


Oh, and BTW, it's not all geography--it includes bar graphs and line graphs and circle charts in a wide range of topics.




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Take a look at Oak Meadow. I am using them for next year for the first time. I'm not using everything from them, just four high school courses for my rising 9th grader: American history, biology, health, and photography.


I have never used OM before, but I like the looks of it for 6th grade and up.

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We are actually using their grade 8 US History text. Ds reads the text and works through the activity manual. I know that BJU is supposed to be very teacher driven, and I am sure ds would get more out of it if we did have discussions, but he is very capable of doing at least the subject of history on his own with BJU. And, even without the additional teacher info. the course is very "full."


As much as I wanted us to use a chronological, classical type of history that has just not worked here. BJU has been a good, but fairly rigorous compromise for history for us.

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Some we're using this year:


Christian Liberty Press (clp.org) for science and woodworking

Thinking Through Grammar (bgfperformance.com)


Plus we're doing SOS (computerized version of LifePacs):

20th Century History

Spanish I

American Literature


He uses a video program we print out pdf files for worksheets for math. And he's doing an online writing class.

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Not to hijack this thread, but Amy & AtoZmom, do you know about Rainbow's new online quizzes? No one seems to know about them, so I'm on a mission to get the word out :)




Answers (& general quiz-taking hints):




Thank you so much for the links. I thought I remembered something mentioned about it, but hadn't looked at them yet.

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