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Did anyone else have nicer than normal weather today?

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It was almost 60 degrees here today and is supposed to only get down to 52 tonight, but by Tuesday have a wintry mix. We played outside for a little while, but just on the cement because the yard was all muddy.


Anyone else have a fun day?





NO! The wintry weather hit us today. It was in the 70s yesterday, and I woke up to snow and blowing snow. It's OK I guess... March is the biggest snow month in Colorado. :rolleyes:

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I planted some snapdragons last October, out by my mailbox, thinking they would look all nice with fall colors. But no, they didn't bloom until this past week, and they *are* lovely, but they're the wrong colors, lol.


Yesterday the weather was lovely, and dh and I took a drive and goofed off. Today, although it was warm, it was overcast all day with no rain to show for it until about 7. A week ago it was in the 80s.


I think Central Texas is pretty much finished with winter.:D

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It topped out at about 75 degrees today and sunny. It was a bit windy, but it didn't stop ds7 and I from going on a photographic exploration today. :)


Now we are under a severe thunderstorm waring and tornado advisory for the next 36-48 hours. :(

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