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I asked my daughter what she wants for her birthday, which is coming up in 4 weeks (yikes!). She wants "a big book, bigger than you can imagine, with lots of real stories and made-up stories in it".


I was at a loss till my mom suggested looking for a reading textbook like they use in schools. I've been in the literature-based whole-books-only homeschool mindset for so long that I forgot about those readers. You know, they have a mix of fiction and non-fiction, short stories, book excerpts, etc.


So, can anyone suggest a good series to look at? It would be great if I could see excerpts online and be able to pick the appropriate level.


(She also wants some fancy flip-flops, which will be considerably easier to find. No requests for toys. It's just as well, we have a houseful of toys!)

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If you have a Borders and Barnes and Nobles by you, check their bargain books. You can find American Short Stories, Grimm's Fairy Tales, British Stories and many other compilations.

I like the thrift store idea as well. I find so many great books there!

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during 2nd grade, and I really liked the Reading book by Houghton Mifflin. It had a good variety of stories--fiction, non-fiction, poems, biographies, etc. And the stories were real books like Thundercake, Officer Buckle and Gloria, etc.


We didn't use Calvert again, but I saved those reading books for my other two children to use as well.





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