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Motivated Moms Question

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If I print out the *FREE* 2002 version, am I missing out on anything that has been added since then? My plan is just to take what is scheduled out for the week and do it as I can during that week. Am I missing anything by saving $8? I'm cheap. Er, frugal. ;)


We just moved and everything is so clean and organized and I want it to STAY this way. Hoping MM will help. :D



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In the 2002 version, the "daily chores" are on a separate page (I slipped the daily chores sheet into a page protector). On the newer versions, you have many more options for sizes, weekly or daily, etc and the daily chores are listed on the same sheet.


And, of course, it might make you nuts to have 2002 dates on your calendar . . .


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