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Update on Jessica Hulcy (cc)

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Hello. For those of you following the recovery of Jessica Hulcy (Konos) after her car accident last week, she is making slow progress. She had multiple broken bones, cracked ribs, punctured lungs, and has been using a feeding tube and ventilator tube all this time. They were able to repair her torn diaphragm and her lungs are repairing themselves. She has developed pneumonia. Apparently today she had enough of being sedated and having the feeding and breathing tubes in her throat, and removed them HERSELF! :eek: Oh my gosh that sounds scary. Wade has been keeping the care site updated, and the family has been sharing the love of Jesus with everyone they come in contact with at the hospital. Quite a testimony. Here is the link again if you would like to read the journal entries. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jessicahulcy


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Thanks for the update. I've been getting updates via email from Caring Bridge and progress is painfully slow. The family is very brave. The pneumonia is very scary. I hope they can get the breathing tube out soon. I think getting that out would be a huge step in the right direction. We're keeping the family in our thoughts.

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