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Digital Scrapbooking and photo display

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I really need a better solution for my photos. I have done scrapbooking for ten years. I store most of my photos in "shoebox" style containers and scrapbook the best ones. Or so the theory goes. I am perpetually years behind on JUST the favorite photos. Not to mention the space that my completed albums and "shoeboxes" take up. It's so un-feasible.


What I'm thinking is digitizing everything. (Except my completed albums) Then, having a digital picture frame or two, except I don't really know how they work. Do you put a CD in? A memory card? If the frame is oriented horizontally, what happens to your vertical images?


I also know nothing at all about digital scrapbooking. Do people do this as a way of making up sheets and printing them out and putting them in a physical book? Or do they make up a digital book they can view on a computer only?


Please clue me in. I'm desperate and a little dumb in this respect. :D

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I understand your conundrum. I'm in the same boat! And, I am truly thinking about stopping printing pics right now and only doing paper scrapping with the pics I already have. As for the digital ones I have and will be taking, I plan on using one, maybe two, different sb programs (software). I know CM has a really cool one called Memory Maker. It's about $40. And Creating Keepsakes has one, about the same price, that I really like, too.


To answer one of your other questions, I'm sure some people print out pages to put in albums, but, personally, I think I'll just burn my finished digital projects to cd.


Hope that helps you somewhat! :0)

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