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Weekly Report 5/29

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We did math, vocabulary and the Elson Readers. We're almost finished with The Elements (Chemistry Unit).


Today in their vocab (Wordly Wise) they read about the Titanic so that started us on a day long quest to find interesting Titanic material. We have a Netflix account so we were able to find that old 1958 movie, A Night To Remember and it is a free immediate download. I have a cable hookup from the computer to the wide screen tv and we watched that movie. It is such a sad movie and while I've seen it several times, I see something new every time. Then we watched a Unitedstreaming show that showed an expedition to gain information about why the Titanic sank so quickly. It was very interesting and presented new information. Then we found a fun online Titanic game (a hidden pictures kind of thing) that the kids enjoyed. Since they are doing the summer library program and they can do film critiques, I had them complete one for the movie and they can turn those into the librarian tomorrow. Now my little one wants to check out books on the Titanic. It was fun to see how reading one thing for vocab turned into a mini unit study of sorts.


I'm working on being more flexible and seizing teaching moments where the kids are especially interested so I'm kinda proud of our progress today. :D:D


June 1st is the start of our Hogwarts Summer Correspondence school and I've got lots of cool stuff planned for that!

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Anyone else? We are doing school lite but getting lots of life-learning in. I'd love to see what others are doing on a summer schedule:001_smile:

We took this week off of school. We cleaned windows, finished the garden, went to town two times, while in town went to Story Book Island once, have a new book shelve in our school room almost done and pretty much have the curr. for next year ordered.

We will be back at it this next week. As my dc complete a sub. we will drop it but that won't happen until the end of June. The rest will be finishe by mid July.

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I'm late posting too--week 38 is up though (all 3 days we did school this week.) 2 weeks to go, we just have to finish history, Latin, and grammar. Everything else we're in the middle of and either ahead or so far behind I don't feel any pressure to finish. It's kind of nice.

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