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What summer concerts doyou plan to go to?

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We just our tickets for Pirates of the Penzance tonight but so far the ones we are planning to go to is NSO John Williams and their concert with musicals and also B52s. We are so happy to be able to go to outdoor big concerts now since I haven't lived in a very big city since my youngest was 2. My dh was amazed to how many concerts I went to as a teenager but the tickets were affordable for lawn seats. For our family, spending 125 for a concert for all five of us or 100 for all four of us is certainly more affordable than 60 or 75 a pop like they were in smaller cities. I also will try to go to Riverdance and maybe to Cirque and La Boheme. Now I will try the other outdoor venues in the DC area and see what bargains they have.

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The only concerts we attend are the free ones in the park. We always go to The Coats, a local a capella group that is family friendly and very much fun. My son has been on stage with them twice now. I'm hoping we make it this year because their concert is the day after my due date.

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I'm reliving the 80s with my sister going to Blondie and Pat Benatar.


My ds and I are going to Steve Miller Band and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Ds wanted to go to Blondie too, but I said no that's my date with my sis and he wasn't invited.


Ds has a long list of bands he wants to see and I'm doing that aspect my teen years with him--'cause my parents didn't let me do anything at all. I rather like going to concerts with him. He really enjoys the music. He knows a lot about the various influences on certain rockers. I know there's a few older Jazz muscisians he wants to see too.

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