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Graphic Calculator & Sketch Pad?

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There are some who recommand graphic calculator and sketch pad for Geometry. Is this neccessary? I've never used them in my college years in engineering school. I would like some feedback on this. Thanks.

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While these 'gadgets' are nice they are NOT necessary for high school Geometry. They are VERY optional.


However, there are FREE online resources that are very similar and can be used on the occasion(s) where one of these 'gadgets' might help a student understand a concept.


If you need a graphing calculator just Google 'online graphing calculator'---there will be many to choose from.


Instead of the Geometer's Sketchpad you can use GeoGebra (free download).

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For College Algebra, a graphing calculator is required at our cc. I'd save my $$ 'till then.


This was our experience too, and we bought the calculator then. However, at our community college, a graphing calculator was also required for an earlier algebra class as well.




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Beware that some graphing calculators are banned from schools due to their free writing function. When I was in college taking my Calculus classes, a new calulator had come out that allowed anyone to write whatever they wanted and store it for cheating on tests, etc. These were banned when the teachers realized what they were capable of. Make sure if you buy one, you check the approved list at the local colleges.

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