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My new favorite television show:

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Huh uh, more details. Never heard of it.

It's on the Fine Living Network: Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis, and a friend watch episodes of Martha Stewart's shows and mock her relentlessly, not unlike Mystery Science Theater.

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My favorite: The s'mores episode in which Martha hand whittles smores sticks and then drills a hole for hanging them, complete with a ribbon hanger.


The gingham ribbon was for bundling the whittle sticks. The hanging string was actually waxed linen string. Geez. Get it right. Big difference between gingham ribbon and waxed linned string...

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The smores one is *so* funny, and not because of the commentary by Alexis and Jennifer. The show itself by Martha is laughable! What in the world? That's absolute craziness!!!!!!! Who whittles their smore's sticks and then sands them down? Give me a break! :tongue_smilie:

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