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If I'm not a refried bean or beans by themselves kind of gal,

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could you recommend a bean burrito filling?


I've never made them. The thought of just pasty beans makes me cringe, BUT, I love beans in things.


So, does anyone have a good bean burrito dip with something else mixed in that's still almost as simple as bean burritos?


Does that make sense?

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For bean dip, I just combine refried beans with salsa and add cheese and/or sour cream on top.


For bean burritos, you can go in different ways. Refried beans combined with other things - for vegetarian - cheese, green chiles, potatoes, corn, grilled veggies like onions and peppers. I would just use what I had. I don't think in terms of recipes with something like a bean burrito. We sometime do a make your own. Put out the various possibilities and everyone fills up their own tortilla.


Or non vegetarian - you could go with shredded chicken, beef or ground beef.


You could also you beans rather than refied, but I might still mash them a bit.

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I'm picky, hate refried beans, and was dismayed to go to a person's house for dinner and have them announce that we'd be having bean burritos for dinner.


But, they turned out to be very good!


Here's the recipe. It's simple, but the onions, green enchillada sauce and tomatoes on top make all the difference:


1 can refried beans

2 cans GREEN enchillada sauce

onion, chopped

tortilla shells

shredded cheese (whatever flavor you want)

tomato, chopped


Mix the can of beans, ONE can of enchillada sauce, and the onion.


Spread onto shells. Pour a generous amount of green enchillada sauce (from the 2nd can) onto the shells. Sprinkle with cheese.


I microwave 2 shells at a time on a plate for 3 minutes each plate. Sprinkle with chopped tomatoes.

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you could basically use that filling in a bean burrito.


I make burritos all the time because I love beans - whole or refried.


I might saute onions and peppers, add a can of black beans and a bit of salsa, and use that as a base for burritos with cheese. I especially like pepper jack cheese. I might use some zucchini in there or even a summer squash diced. To me, burritos are basically a way to clean out the vegetable bin.


Another thing I love is to cut a sweet potato into a half inch dice and roast it. Then I will mix the sweet potato in with a sauted onion and a can of black beans and make a burrito with that and pepper jack cheese. That's REALLY good.


I try to use whole wheat tortilla shells and just remember to keep the amount of filling pretty modest. My biggest mistake is wanting to overstuff the shell with the filling.

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I use black beans and take put either half or the whole can in the food processer to mash them up a bit. Then mix with salsa, sour cream, other veggies, cheese, whatever you want. The mashed beans work well but don't give the texture of refried beans which I hate.

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Are you looking for meatless? My dh doesn't like refried beans so I make the following recipe:


1 pork roast (any size)

jar salsa or mexican diced tomatoes

water (enough to cover bottom of crockpot)

30 oz refried beans




Cook roast in crockpot for 6 - 8 hours or until it can be shredded. Shred roast and add salsa, refried beans. Cook for about 1 hour. Add 1/4 cup of filling and 1-2 tbls of cheese to each tortilla. Garnish with sour cream and salsa.


This recipe makes a ton of burritos so you can freeze them for later. I think it makes us around 30 burritos. We just throw them in the microwave or oven and heat.

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We have bean burritos at least a couple times a week. I alternate between black and pinto beans, and make them from dried - soak them overnight, then cook in the crock pot with salt, cumin and chili powder.


We prefer homemade tortillas, and then top our burritos with, well, whatever we want. Sometimes, it's just bean and cheese. Sometimes we add rice, avocado, sour cream, olives, chilies, salsa... potatoes sound yummy!

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That's funny...we had this for supper last night. I had a baggie of frozen left-over roast. I defrosted it and put it in my crockpot, along with a chopped onion, some chopped garlic, a large can of pinto beans, and some cumin and chili powder. Poured a jar of green salsa over it and let it simmer through the afternoon. Served it with warm corn tortillas and tortilla chips, and the regular toppings of sour cream, farmer's cheese, lettuce, tomato. It was SO good.

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