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Feeding Starter/Grower to laying hens?

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Hi ladies,

So glad I can ask my questions to you smart ladies!

We have pullets that are getting quite large and are in with our two laying hens. How do I feed them separate foods? Is there harm in my laying hens eating the starter/grower that the pullets are still on, or would it be safer for the pullets to eat the laying mash I feed the laying hens? The pullets are about 18 weeks now. Thanks for your advice.

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I'd check with your local feed store. I wouldn't recommend feeding the hens the growing mash as I think there would be too much fat and unsafe. I'm not quite sure if 18 weeks is old enough for the layiing mash but if my memory serves me right (I have learned to NEVER trust it!) then you could feed the pullets the laying mash.


Again, my local feed store has been a HUGE help to my farm. :)

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The lay pellets have too much protein for younger birds and can cause organ damage. BUt.....I think your pullets would be fine. Don't they start laying around 20 weeks? The starter/grower won't hurt your hens, but if they are eating that instead of lay pellets it will affect their production.

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