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Laminating VP cards question...

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hey, i like that sheet protector idea...however...i laminated mine all by myselfey, with great satisfaction i might add. i bought a box of the heat laminating sheets at sam's club, and a heat laminator at walmart (for about 20 bucks) and now, nothing flat in my house is safe. ("do not try to resist...you will be a-laminated!")

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I put mine in binders in page protectors. Staples has both a binder and the right size of protectors.


We've done the same, and I really like the outcome. I used to have a set of VP cards hole-punched and on a ring, and it was just a pain for me. The Avery "memo-sized" binder and page protectors from Staples are just perfect.

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I had a great laminator...my parent's....and I purchased the laminator pouches from Oregonlam.com They have flat shipping and have lots of office supplies. I laminate all kinds of things...phonics cards, all my CC stuff, VP cards, on and on and on. Depending on what size your laminator can handle, you can do placemates of things like US Maps....etc. I suggest using at least 3mm for most things...(or 5mm...either are fine)

For the VP cards, I like pushing the top of the card all the way to where the pouch is already sealed, and then punching two holes on the bottom of the cards and using rings from flyboys.com Their rings don't "bite" the cards...


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