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Help me choose curtain color!

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We need to buy thermal/blackout curtains. We are having a lot of break-ins in our area - bummer! We have bamboo blinds and we need to cover up so people can't see in at night.


The windows are for the front rooms - our homeschool and music/reading rooms. My colors are khacki, red with navy and green accents.


Music/reading room picture:

(I'll add a better one tomorrow)


Red or khacki (cafe) curtains?:



Thanks for your advice!!

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Curtains should coordinate with other fabrics in your room, not necessarily the wall colour. I would try to find something that is close to the colour of those cushions on your couch. So, of the ones in your other link, I'd go with the classic navy.

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I just called 15yo dd to the computer to assist as she has an eye for color and has been largely instrumental in assisting me with decorating our home. Her ready and decisive response: "Well, she needs to paint her walls. She needs to paint her walls that khaki color in the couch (the lighter part of the plaid - in the pic it looks khaki) and then put red curtains at the window."


FWIW, I agree. :D


Additionally, I would trade out your bamboo blinds to match whatever color your window trim is. In the pic it looks white. Past that, you could probably go with either the red in your pic frame and in your couch or the blue in the plates and the throw pillows for the curtains and end up with a lovely end result. While I hadn't thought of it 'til dd verbalized it, painting the walls to match the khaki stripe really would pull it all together!


Incidentally, we happen to have khaki walls and red curtains in our music room and it is stunning. If I were you and had your room to redecorate I would:


1) First and foremost (because it would provide some flexibility time wise in terms of providing the privacy you ultimately need), exchange the bamboo blinds for 2" wide white slatted blinds. We went with Hunter Dougles faux wood from an online company and got good prices and great service. This look stands alone, if need be (white blinds/white window casing), and looks great even without curtains.

2) Paint is cheap. Paint your walls a khaki color that matches the light stripe in your couch.

3) Finally, as your budget permits, hang red (or blue) curtains at the windows. Wahla!




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Yes, it is hard to tell color at times via a pic. In the pic you've shared the walls look very light thus our "counsel". With what you've just posted about your wall color I'd say hang some red (our first choice) or blue (our second choice) curtains at the windows and consider trading out the bamboo for white blinds. I think your room will be beautiful!


Happy decorating!


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