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Please help me find one of these nightgowns for my 5 yr old

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I'm looking for an old-fashioned white nightgown for my 5 yr old DD for her birthday. She all about frills and pretty things. She LOVES nightgowns! Anyways, I found one at visionforum, but i'm afraid the smallest size will be too big for her. I did find similar things at "modest clothing" type websites, but I'm not familiar with any of these businesses. I was hoping someone here would know of a good place to purchase one of these. Her birthday party is on June 13th, so if I order online I need to have it before then if at all possible.


Thanks in advance!

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Well, someone else might know a better place to order from but you could try American Girl. The nightgowns are not cheap but they are well made. There are historical nightgowns for little girls to match their dolls (but of course you don't have to have the dolls-the nightgowns are sold separately). Felicity and Elizabeth for example would have nightgowns you might like.


Just an idea....

Hope that helps!:001_smile:

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Vermont Country Store?

I have the Vision Forum one, and it was my dd9's favorite nightie. It's a little short on her now (she has the SM size, and she's 4'8''--it comes to just below/at her knee) but she still wears it. If you call them, they will tell you the total length of the garment, so you can determine the fit. Dd wanted the next size up, but they were out!

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