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Homemade Doughnut question

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I have definately been watching too much Alton Brown's Good Eats!


My dairy allergic dd wants doughnuts so bad. Can I substitute soy milk for the cows milk - or as Alton says', "Moo Juice" ? I have never tried to make dough using soy milk so I am not sure what will happen.

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I would definitely try it with soy milk or rice milk. If she can have nuts, then a nut milk might work best of all of them. In my experience, most baking will turn out fine if that's the only substitution you're making.


I've also substituted coconut milk in baking, but of course it will *taste* coconut-y.

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We use soy as a baking substitute for milk all the time. We think it mimics real milk better than other substitutes (rice milk, etc.) in terms of fluffiness and etc. We get the kind without vanilla and do not find any significant taste or texture difference from real milk. My dh and the kids love making homemade donuts from time to time--soy works just fine. Go ahead and give it a try.:)

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