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Notebooking question for logic stage for MFW...


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We will be using MFW RTR next year. My oldest dd will almost be 13 by then. We have done zero with notebooking so far.


I just read the new WTM. I am wondering how to implement the notebooking part in such a way as to at least work toward a logic stage notebook.


The only writing she has done so far has been in Shurley English. She has written some essays.


How do I implement the WTM ideas???


Btw, I did purchase WWE Levels 1-3. (Well, Level 3 isn't quite out yet, but I have prepurchased it.) Should I use some of that with her???


I would appreciate any ideas.


Thanks!!!! :)

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MFW will have notebooking scheduled but with a 13 yr old you will need to have them start outlining the information instead of just writing a summary atleast once or twice a week. I know TWTM had several suggestions about learning to outline. MFW includes a timeline so the timelining is done for you although I have each of mine create their own timelines yearly so I make a copy for each child.


MFW and SWB both recommend that you add a Writing Strands to the curriculum as well. I'm not sure about WWE. You might need to look at both of them side by side. MFW also recommends that you add two Progeny Press Guides for literature units which will also help with logic and writing. You have the freedom to choose so I will be cross-refrencing the guides with some of the literature the TWTM recommends.


MFW recommends that you either supplement the science in RTR with a 13 yr or moved to Apologia Science Exploring Creation.


I am adding a Logic course with my 7th grader as per TWTM recommendations.


RTR will include Latin roots with "English from the Roots Up" although you will need to purchase separately as it was included in CtG if you do not have a Latin course already.


I was pleased to see how well MFW lines up with the TWTM. MFW may be on a different schedule of years then the TWTM recommends but it definately fulfills many of the TWTM ideals and most of the planning is already done!:001_smile: We are a classical education minded family and we have loved MFW as a whole. We may make tweaks here and there but overall the curriculum works very well for us.


Hope that helps.

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