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How does this look for Ancient History independent reads & read alouds?


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Are there any that you would scratch from this list? My guys are all fairly strong readers, although some enjoy it more than others.


Assigned reading for my 5th & 4th graders:


A Wonder Book (already own)

Dectectives in Togas (already own)

The Children's Homer

A Place in the Sun


The Golden Goblet


Assigned reading for my 2nd grader:


Magic Tree House Hour at the Olympics (already own)

Magic Tree House Ancient Greece Non-fiction guide (already own)

The Trojan Horse Step into Reading 5

Maybe A Place in the Sun?


Family Read Alouds:


Tanglewood Tales (already own)

The Bronze Bow

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Looks good and realistic!


DD really enjoyed "You wouldn't want to be a..." series. Especially the Sumerian Slave and Greek Slave. The Great Wall of China and Assyrian soldier books in this series were also very informative, but I felt too old for her. You might add one of these for a bit of fun, since you said some of your boys are more reluctant. :)


The Children's Homer... be prepared to swap this out for a different version. Some kids really dislike it but enjoy something else.


I'll check my list of independent reads for second grade (it looks like you aren't sure about A Place in the Sun)... most of them are non-fiction though, and my first level is for beginning readers. You are wanting historical fiction?


I checked DD read a couple of Cleopatra books. LOL I also had The Mystery of the Ancient Pyramid saved for the next level... but it is just as difficult and longer than A Place in the Sun.

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