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quilting help needed

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I am a knitter, not a quilter, and I really need some help and direction. A dear friend of mine passed away recently and she had a huge fabric stash. I suggested to some people that we use the fabric to make quilts for her sister and her two ds. I got a lot of enthusiastic response, but folks are waiting for me to take the lead on this project. So, I need some help for simple quilting instructions, patterns, and any and all suggestions you may have for me. Can I use my basic sewing machine, or is a specialized machine needed? What are some simple patterns that we can follow?


LauraD in MN

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You could send everyone a supply of the fabric and have each of them make 3 squares of whatever pattern they wanted (just make sure you have everyone make the same size square) and then put them all together for sample quilts.


If you wanted to specify the pattern, 9-block squares are very easy to sew.

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Turning Twenty is a very easy pattern because it uses larger pieces of fabric. I'd be a little wary of letting everyone make their own blocks because even seasoned quilters who do round robins end up with blocks that aren't really the size they should be...and putting those together can be frustrating!

What a nice idea you have. Maybe you'd like to incorporate some fabric that is plain and you can all sign the quilts or write a special memory of your friend.

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Are the people who are going to help you quilters? Perhaps you could just organize a TIME and PLACE for the discussion to begin? Our local college has a quilting class, or maybe you could check into the local fabric store for a class.

What a blessing you will be to your friend's family :grouphug:



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