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Teaching an 8 yo boy to read....


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I should know how to do this...I have taught my 4 girls to read, but my last child is a boy and he isn't picking it up like the others.


He knows most of his phonograms. We flash card through them. I dictate to him his spelling words and he can write them very well.


But when it comes to blending words fluently he is still sounding them out sound by sound for the most part. I mean easy CVC words like hot, cold, dog, etc.


Should we just continue practicing reading CVC words over and over or should I keep moving on to silent e words and more difficult words?


Does anyone have any pointers for me? Should I spend a little time in the morning and then again at night practicing with him? How much time should I spend with him. It seems like the longer we are at it the more he botches up his sounds.....




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I would recommend short sessions a few times a day. FWIW, I'd move along to other phonics skills and allow him to learn them. If he is really struggling, then maybe back off or re-evaluate, but sometimes things will just start to click when more skills are introduced. Definitely go slowly enough not to cause him frustration but quickly enough to keep up momentum... Easier said than done, I know.


Does he enjoy reading with you? That can help a lot- improving eye tracking and helping with fluency. I find that my kids will follow along as I read and then sometimes we also take turns. Reading aloud to him and having him read aloud may really help. If you can find a simple story where he pretty much knows what words to expect can help build his confidence and fluency. I think that phonics pathways is a great resource for a student in this situation.




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I would move on but review a few CVC words each day. It takes some children a lot more repetition than others to finally get it. You could also try working with smaller words like at, in, it, an, am. They are easier to blend.


I agree with Sue in TX, several short lessons are best.


You could also try my phonics game to add in some fun.



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