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Out of laundry detergent! Can you safely use ...

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I would try just putting the clothes in with no laundry detergent. I sometimes do this and I find the clothes come out just as clean. I find the more important piece is pretreating stains.


I read somewhere that it can take quite a few full cycles with no detergent to get all the built up detergent out of a machine.

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Do you have a box of baking soda on hand? If it's full, there should be enough to treat 4 loads of wash. Use hot water and a long cycle.


Avoid dish washer detergent, because it has irritants that can cause skin problems. A little dish soap is good for pre-treating oily stains. Don't overuse it, because if it suds up too much you could end up with foam spewing from the top of your washer. Further, it may not rinse out as well as you'd hope.


Good luck! I've been there.

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That is hilarious. I just googled the same thing.


I found I could use dishwashing machine detergent as a replacement (I have the powdered stuff). I am only washing towels and a bath mat, so I'm not real worried about it.


The dishwashing machine detergent has anti-foaming properties just like laundry detergent.

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And bleaching agents, so don't use it with darks or delicates.


Thanks. I used it with white towels, bath math and a dark towel (a towel I keep in the van for muddy days and such).


The dark towel came out fine. I plan to get to BJs today; I just wanted to finish washing the dirty stuff from the picnic yesterday.

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