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transcripts with different school settings?

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This transcript thing is exhausting ~ :)


So DS is coming home to homeschool the last three years of high school (his choice). What do I do with the 1 year of high school (honors) credits? So I add them to our home transcript, or just create a separate attached transcript for home? I did not have him take SAT II's this year, because he was in an accredited public school and those grades and credits should be "objective" enough for anyone. I do plan on him taking as many SAT II's as reasonable in the years to come (our goal is a private university) to "validate" his grades and we plan on duel enrollment as well.


Duel enrollment question ~ I know our state (TN) pays for up to 300.00 a year for a students jr and sr year for duel enrollment. However, if we want to enroll for more than one class and buy our own ticket, I guess we can do that?


Many thanks ~ Debbie

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As to the transcript: For those classes taken at the school, just footnote them. (I put a * for one type, ** or a + for cc classes, etc.) FYI: Here if FL, it's the state schools that want to see all the SAT-II tests (it seems) over the privates. My dc are taking all the dual-enrollment classes they can (Dd#1 just got her AA @ 18yo!) so I assume no one was concerned that she could handle college level classes. Plus, in FL the U's have to take the cc classes & 99% of the privates do.

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My senior has done classes at three locations: at home, at a local homeschooling resource center, and at the community college.


On her transcript, I used a different typeface for each location. One was bold, one was italic, and one was plain. In the Notes section of her transcript, I had a key explaining the significance of each typeface.


In addition to her homemade transcript, my daughter also had the community college send a transcript to each of the colleges to which she applied. (You'll probably want to do likewise with your son's 9th grade transcript from the public school.)


I'd be happy to email you a copy of my daughter's transcript, you can post here or send me a personal message with your email address.




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My dd attended public school for Freshman year as well. I used the same format the public schools used in the official transcript they provided me. It basically has columns for Course, Mark, Weighted & Unweighted Quality Points, Earned Credits and Flags. The bottom of the transcript includes a key for the course flags. I've got flags for courses taken in middle school, high school, community college (credit awarded), community college (audited), and Local University. I've also got flags for Course in Progress and Course Scheduled to be Taken. I just followed the public school transcript format because admissions counsellors should be familiar with it.


I assume the college application will include official transcripts from each school DD has attended and I will provide relevant documentation for just the courses we provided outside of these various schools.

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