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New WTM and Saxon Math 7th grader


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I was continuing to read last night and more and more I plan on implementing a LOT of this type of program and ideas in it.


However, I was reading last night that instead of Saxon 8/7 they recommend Algebra 1/2 instead - but Saxon says A 1/2 is if you don't grasp the concepts in 8/7. They suggest 8/7 and then if you don't get it move on to A 1/2 - THEN to Algebra I. If you "get" 8/7 you will be fine in Algebra I right aftwards.


Does this make sense to anyone? I'm still on cup #1 of coffee :)


Granted my son is ready for Algebra but I am curious because I do have a daughter who is not as "quick" in math....

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You have it right. The old way was that 87 was a remedial course and the expedited course was 76 to Algebra 1/2 to Algebra 1. NOW the natural progression is 76 to 87 to Algebra 1. Algebra 1/2 is for extra reinforcement for those students not yet ready to tackle Algebra 1. This is according to the Saxon guy I talked with this spring.

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