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Anyone use LFBC - Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum?

Tami in CA

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Hi Tami,


We used LFBC World History (8th Grade) this year and loved it as a spine to go along with Diana Waring CD's, SL Alt 7 reading list and outlining a World Encyclopedia. My DD has retained a lot and LFBC is very easy to implement (4 days of lessons, 5th day is a quiz).


If is Fundamentalist and only uses the King James version of the Bible and discourages using any other translation. We use NIV, so I saw this as an opportunity to discuss various Bible translations with my DD.


If you're doing World History next year I can send you my planning grid - just PM me your email address.


I haven't used their Science, but I happen to have the grade 4 text. It's pretty thorough, but no color pictures which I prefer for science.


You can see the TOC and samples for most of their texts on Christianbook.com by searching for "Landmark Christian Academy."


Hope this helps,

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