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What is your absolute most favorite thing from the Critical Thinking catalog?


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- Dr. Funster's Think-A-Minutes (gr. 3-6)

- Dr. Funster's Creative Thinking Puzzlers (gr. 3-6)

- Think-A-Grams (gr. 7-12)


The Red Herring books were okay -- though some of the solutions seemed lame to us, and we often (at least to us!) came up with more clever or more plausible answers. Most of the other Critical Thinking books (Mindbenders, etc.) seemed to be all about just 1 type of puzzle, which quickly got monotonous (and expensive) for us.


Below are some other really outstanding logic and critical thinking resources we've loved, in addition to Critical Thinking Press materials. Enjoy your logic/critical thinking journey! Warmest regards, Lori D.






- Dandylion Logic series:

1. Logic Countdown = gr. 3-4

2. Logic Liftoff = gr. 4-5

3. Orbiting with Logic = gr. 5-7


- Critical Thinking Activities in Pattern, Image, Logic by Seymour (gr. 1-3. gr. 4-6; gr. 7-12)

- Gifted and Talented series (K-4 gr.) -- by Amerikander, or others

- Puzzlemania series (gr. 1-5) -- best of Highlights magazine variety of puzzles

- Word Winks; More Word Winks (like Think-A-Grams) -- pub. by Mindware (gr. 7+)

- Plexors, More Plexors (like Think-A-Grams) -- by Seymour (gr. 7+)

- minute mystery books by Conrad, Sobol, Weber, and others (gr. 5+)

- 10-Minute Critical-Thinking Activities for English (gr. 5-12) -- by Eaton; Walch Pub.

- 10-Minute Critical-Thinking Activities for Algebra (gr. 9-12) -- by Martin; Walch Pub.

- Fallacy Detective; Thinking Toolbox (Bluedorn)




- The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions computer software (gr. 3+)




- Set (ages 6-adult)

- Scan (old Parker Brothers game, usually available on ebay) (ages 6-adult)

- Clue (ages 8-adult)

- Rush Hour (ages 6-adult)

- Mastermind (ages 6-adult)

- Amazing Labrynth (ages 6-adult)

- 221 B. Baker Street (a slightly more complicated version of Clue) (ages 9-adult)

- Risk (age 11+)

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