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AARGH! Ds 7 sounds like a seal...

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All of the sudden he is sick with the worst barking cough and fever of 102. Should have known when he demanded to go to bed early. NOw I have him propped up in the sunroom next to me waiting for his meds to kick in and make feel a bit more comfortable. He can no longer speak as his throat hurts from coughing, I think. Oh, and he is very mucousy. Is this going around? Is there anything that will give him some comfort?


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My DD has had croup after the age of 5. She had it a lot as a toddler, and had it last winter at age 7. I can't remember what it's called, but the doctor can give them a shot to get rid of it. Meantime run a humidifier, and steam from a shower in a bathroom with the doors shut can help too.


Hope your DS feels better soon.

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Whenever my dd started barking like a seal, it was always bacterial bronchitis. Antibiotics always helped her. It got so I would take her in the first day she barked, which was usually before the fever etc. had a chance to settle in.

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