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Excel question for ceating next year's schedule

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I am creating next year's schedule in Excel. Each of the pages after the first one will have the same format, only with different content in the cells. How do I keep from having to reformat each page. I have copied the second page and pasted. It will keep all formatting except the row height. And my row height varies from row to row.


Thanks, I am sure it's something basic but my youngest ds isn't here right now:D

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:glare: If these are going to be two separate files...I usually save the original document and then close it. Reopen document from saved files and change the content in the cells. Go to Save As and save it again with a different name. This will give you two separate files without having to go through the formatting junk. I hope this works for you...

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First, make a back up copy of the worksheet/workbook in case anything goes wrong! :)


Now, open the worksheet that you want to re-use. Go to the Edit menu & choose Move or Copy Sheet. Select Copy Sheet.


This will create a copy of the sheet and you can fill in whatever info you want. For the next week, do the same thing (copy the blank worksheet).


I think this is what you're asking. HTH!


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If I only wanto keep the general stuff, font, row and column sizes, that sort of thing..


I open the new worksheet first, then...


I click on the little box in the top left corner (no letter or number), that selects the whole worksheet and then I paste it in. (I do this for SOTW review questions - I delete all the rows I typed the last questions in and start over with blank rows that are formatted the way I wnat them.)

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