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Song School Latin


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I know I'm supposed to wait until ds is reading fluently before starting Latin. However, he shows dyslexic tendencies and is "behind" in reading.


I'm growing impatient with waiting to start Latin. I was thinking that Song School Latin might be a good place to start with a slow reader.


Words of wisdom? Suggestions? :)

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I have taught a class of Song School (mostly 2nd graders) and a class of Lively Latin (4th and 5th) this year at a co-op. I believe that it actually helped the struggling spellers. I am not sure why - perhaps it was a matter of the students having to really focus on individual words that were so different from anything they "hear" in everyday speech? Maybe it gave them a bit more training in paying attention to detail? Maybe it was all a maturity thing that would have happened anyway. Certainly it didn't hurt anybody, though.

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