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Free literature guides for logic stage?


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Glencoe has lit. guides for jr. high / sr. high level books.



I also have found a lot of resources by just googling "literature guide" or "study guide" along with the specific book title we are reading. (Search subject examples: "Bronze Bow study guide", or, "The Bronze Bow free literature guide", or, "free online guide to The Bronze Bow")


One last idea: the book "Deconstructing Penguins" walks you through the conversations had on about 6-8 specific books covered at the authors' parent-child book club -- you might see if the book is available at your local library.


BEST of luck! Warmly, Lori D.

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Check out your local library in the literature reference section. We toured our local library a few years ago, and my librarian made it a point to show their analysis books they had available. The books were very impressive and free (except for the price of copy machine). You might need assistance from your librarian the first time to find them. :001_smile:

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Thanks to you both, the free guides at the library sound really good! I have a friend who works at the library, I'm sure she will be happy to assit me.


I know how to draw out questions from the books, but I do not have time to read all of the books I'm assigning my oldest dd next year. Homeschooling itself is kind of up in the air for us as well. So I do not want to buy that much, or to put extra time into making guides. :glare:


Single parent homeschooling anyone? Well that's another post....and also up in the air. Such is life.


Thanks again. :grouphug::tongue_smilie:

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