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I'm ordering books for my bookstore!

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I know I haven't been around much lately. I've been crazy busy with bookstore stuff & shockingly enough, I still have 4 kids, that need me even more, now that I am so distracted!


So, I have lists and lists of books from our various distributors, which they think we should carry in our new store. However, they don't seem to think I need any homeschooling books! So I have to make my own lists.


Could you recomend your favorite homeschooling books, the "how to" kind or the "why" kind; and any parental books that you really love.


I know we've had these lists before, but I didn't find them in any searches I tried. I must not have the right key words or something.


Thank you SOOOO much for your help. I am so zombied out from all these lists, it helps to just have someone else's direction.

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"Becoming the Parent You Want to Be"

Anything by Sears--"The Baby Book" and "The Discipline Book" especially

"You Are Your Child's First Teacher"



"The Underground History of American Education"

"And the Skylark Sings With Me"

"Family Matters"

"Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit"

The Steward books about Notebooking and Lapbooking

"Educating the Whole Hearted Child"

(TWTM, of course)

"Homeschooling, A Patchwork of Days" (May be OOP)

Everything by Ruth Beechick

Rafe Esquith's books


Obscure books that kids should read:

"The Diamond in the Window"

"The Egypt Game"

"The Red Velvet Room"

"Number the Stars"


Curriculum that everyone wants to see before they buy:


Real Science 4 Kids

Exploration Education

Concordia Publishing House--Voyages (Bible curricula)

Writing Strands

Writers' Jungle

Story of the World

Apologia Science books

Rainbow Science books

Learn to Write the Novel Way

Growing with Grammar

Easy Grammar

Shirley Grammar

Saxon math--get the DIVE cd's, too

Singapore math

Math U See


Classical Writing

Phonetic Zoo




Anything from Family Pastimes (these are several levels of engaging cooperative games)

Chess and books thereon

Go and books thereon



Consider some archeology kits where the kids chip away their own stone to find treasure. Always a hit!

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Yes, it is a bit like Christmas!


It is a lot of work, my head hurts, I'm not getting enough sleep, I've lost the ability to retain any train of ...um...huh? I've develped carpal tunnel. But it is so much fun, I really don't care! I just wish I had more time!


Thanks, again!

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Anything by the Clarksons

Lamplighter books


If you have the space, a used book section would be good as well. In the homeschool store I go to, 1/2 the store is new stuff and 1/2 is consigned. I always go to the consigned stuff first. The store gets 1/2 price and the consignor the other 1/2, usually on account although I think they write checks after a while. The books are separated by grade (along the outer wall). This works well for Abeka, Rod and Staff, etc. Then others are separated by subject (on book cases). This works well for SOTW, TOG, Greenleaf guides, etc. (Can you tell I spend most of my time looking at history books?)

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I am sure it is a lot of work too.


The Well Trained Mind

Ruth Beenick (sp?) books

Charlotte Mason books

Thomas Jefferson Education

Bluedorns Trivium

100 Top Picks for Homschool(stock this book and lots of the books in it)


HIstory Through the ages I don't think people appreciate this until they see it

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I don't know if you can carry some Nature Study books, but Cindi Rushton's Nature Study the Easy Way would be a good one, along with Comstock's tome.


How about some Henty books? You could go thru Rainbow Resources catty for ideas. Lots of homeschoolers use these.


Could you please stock Karen Andreola's beautiful A Pocketful of Pinecones? It's a lovely book, so sweet and inspiring.


Maybe the McGuffey Readers that WTM recommends? (or a full set)

Blueback Speller?


I don't have any titles, but I think there's a real dearth of books easily available on parenting teens. And, how about some books about homeschooling high school?


What a fun job--I'd love to come visit your store sometime!!

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What fun!


Well Trained Mind and Well Educated Mind, of course.....


E. D. Hirsch's Books: What Your _____ Grader Needs to Know and anything else by Hirsch - I think one of his is entitled something like The Education Our Children Need and Why They Can't Get It.......


Losing Our Language (can't recall author)......


ALL of Cafi Cohen's Books (about hsing high school).....


I don't know if Inge Cannon allows her training manuals/tapes to be sold in stores, but they are also good.....


There's a book about how to homeschool for free using the Internet.....


William Bennett's books, such as Child's Book of Virtues, etc.



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How exciting! I would like to own a bookstore one day; maybe when I retire from homeschooling...


Here are some books that I would carry:

Educating the Wholehearted Child

Norms and Nobility

Latin Centered Curriculum

The Well Trained Mind

The Well Educated Mind

Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spririt

Bringing Up Boys

Boundaries with Kids

Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes...in You and Your Kids


Good luck!

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Now I'll answer the question, not with book names because I don't know any, but a plea-- Please, Please stock secular books!! Of all kinds and subjects. Please. Please don't limit yourself to only Christian authors.


That said, the other side of the plea is "Please stock high school books!! I'm having such a hard time finding GOOD high school level stuff".



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Guest Lorna

I love these home-schooling books which are helped me decide to home educate:

'One to One' by Gareth Lewis

'Home-schooling for Excellence' by David and Micki Colfax

and obviously 'The Well Trained Mind'

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Toni- No, I haven't given up on you yet! I figure something will show up sometime. How about a similar logo using a coffee cup? Just food for thought!


Don't worry- I will have a lot of secular stuff. We are in an area, where most of the homeschoolers are using public funding so they can only purchase secular. Also, while I am Christian, I prefer to use secular curriculum myself. And as I have some highschoolers, I'll have some of that too!

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