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Uses for pulp from Champion Juicer?

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Nope, but I did want to say...that Champion's bring back memories. We house sat for this family, for the week, and we were SO excited! They had a really great pool and it was all ours for the week. BUT, we ended up bummed because it rained...and the people that graded the ground for the pool had the water pouring towards the house instead of away. SO, I opened the basement door...and water was standing...probably about 3 feet or a little more...

Guess what we did ALL week? We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned....so that when they got back, everything wouldn't get moldy. First the water was pumped out...and then...well...as a kid it was like a cruel joke to be going on vacation and then clean for a week....(all day...each day!)

BUT, the lady sold Champion's and other Bosch equipment. (And gave us our pick of one item, we already had a Bosch machine and a Grain MIll....so...)We picked and still have her Champion, I'm borrowing it right now...from my mom, and I love frozen peaches through the juicer. You can freeze peaches in a bag, whole, and when you take them out..you just run them under tepid water and pop the skin off...cut them in 1/2 or 1/4 and then put them in the juicer....and ....We use to use Alta Dena Kefir, but now that they don't make it anymore...I bet the another kefir...frozen would work for "frozen yogurt", too!

We've had it for 25+ years now....looking back, I guess it was a good trade:-)

BTW, no, whole oranges juiced....don't taste good...even the starving dog next door wouldn't eat/drink it.


PS, as far as the pulp, you can add it to soups or such....and maybe breads? The cookbook by Jessica Seinfield(?) might give you some inspiration...

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