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What are my writing choices?? 8th and 5th


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Write with the Best can be taught to your 5th and 8th graders together. Stack the Deck is very reasonably prices with workbooks for each grade.

I'm not sure about Stack the Deck, but with Write with the Best your student will have a weekly writing assignment. I have found the more my DD practices actually writing (and not just filling in a workbook) the more her writing improves.




Write with the Best





Stack the Deck




Imitation Writing teaches the classical concept of outlining and summarizing and gets more advanced at each level. My 4th grader will be doing Aesop's Fables supplemented with additional writing exercises.


P.S. We used IEW SWI-B this year and it was great! I'm not continuing with IEW SICC-B because it's too expensive for me. We'll be using Write with the Best vol. 2 for my DD12.

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We are going to be using Write Source with my 4th and 7/8th grader. There is a student book and a teachers book. It got great reviews on Rainbow Resource and if you go to the Write Source website you can see even more sample pages.


It takes them through all different kinds of writing. It also appears to be very structured which is what my 4th grader needs.


It is from the same people who do Write Source 2000 but it is a different program.

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I *think* this is what we are doing:


8th grader will do TWSS (he'll watch it with me), then US History lessons vol. 2. If I can't find TWSS used for a decent price, I guess we'll try Writing Strands again. :tongue_smilie:


5th grader will use Writing Trails in American history, and continue with dictation & narrations & copywork. She will use TWSS the following year along with her younger brother-I felt I needed to get familiar with the program before I tried three different levels!

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