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Minimus Question????


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So we started Minimus today, fun but a bit confussing. I don't have any Latin background. And for the life of me, I couldn't understand why some vowels had the line on top. I thought it perhaps meant to pronounce the vowel long, like we do, but it wasn't matching the sound when I listened to the CD (about ten times):mad:. And in the teacher's manual, there is not an explanation (from what I could see) as to why that line is above some vowels but not others. Can anyone explain this to me. Also, should I buy perhaps another Latin program, that would help me along with Minimus? Is there another program, maybe Latin For Children, that I should buy, does LFC explain things better for the teacher. I am doing it with 2 of my 3 boys, ages 9 and 7. Thanks for you help!!



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I tried Minimus but had similar difficulties. We switched to LFC and LOVE it. I find it soooo much easier and DD thinks it's more fun that Minimus. I would strongly recommend getting it. The DVDs are really helpful and the History Readers are a BIG hit!:)

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The macrons do indicate long vowels, but they don't work the same way as English. Long vowels in Latin are extended short vowel sounds. I seem to recall a pronunciation guide in the front of the Minimus TM?



short a: often a as in cab (but more properly u as umbrella)

long a: ah like the a in father


short e: e as in pet

long e: a as in plane


short i: i as in sit

long : ee as in keel


short o: o as in octopus

long o: oh as in toe


short u: oo as in book

long u: oo as in food

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