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Reliable brand for kitchen utensils needed

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Okay, I'm middle aged. I'm tired of faded, stained spoons/spatulas that I've had since the 80's, or the rotating set of cheapies hubby gets at goodwill. I'm ready to pop for new kitchen utensils. I know brands go to pot. Back in the 80's Rosle, Hutzler, Oxo, etc. were good. What is good now?


I'm looking for sturdy, sleek, simple ladles, stirrers, tongs, apple corer, small and large spoons, you name it. I'll take bamboo, wood, or melamine, unless there is some new man made creature out there I don't know about. I'm willing to pay good money if I get to keep it for 5+ years.


Amazon preferred.



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I don't know if Henckels makes gadgets and utensils anymore, but every single one of mine from 1996 is in perfect condition.


Of the non-Henckels things, I've been slowly replacing with OXO, which are WONDERFUL! The grips are great and ergonomic. Go to their website...there are so many more available there that do things you wouldn't even imagine you needed (and probably don't), but it is sure fun to look!



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What is good now?



I searched on the Cook's Illustrated reviews for you:

Highly Recommended or Winners (after their testing):


Tongs: Oxo Good Grips 12 inch locking tongs


Apple Corer: Oxo Good Grips Apple Corer


Spatula: Rubbermaid 13 1/2 Professional High Heat Scraper OR Tovolo Silicone Spatula (about half the cost of the Rubbermaid one)


Ladle: Rosle Ladle with Pouring Rim and Hook Handle (the Oxo Steel Ladle was ok (recommended with reservations), but too short, according to C.I.)


Spoons: Exoglass Synthetic Spoon (although they still recommend having wooden spoons)


Slotted Spoons: Oxo Good Grips Nylon Slotted Spoon


Wooden Spoons: Mario Batali 13 inch wooden spoon OR H.A. Mack French Beechwood wooden spoon


Pizza Wheel: Oxo Good Grips 4 inch pizza wheel


Garlic Press: Kuhn Rikon Easy-Squeeze Garlic Press


You'll have to look to see what's available on Amazon, but I hope this helps.


Happy cooking (can you tell I LOVE my subscription to Cook's Illustrated?!)!

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I searched on the Cook's Illustrated reviews for you:

Highly Recommended or Winners (after their testing):




Thanks!! After getting all my curr for next year, I'm having slight Amazon withdrawal, and cleaning out the drawers tonight I found many of my spoons so ancient they have cracks.

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