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Help! DD7 gags when sees Human Body pictures!

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Seriously! One look at ANY picture of the human body and her eyes tear up and she starts swallowing compulsively. URRGGH! Even at the doctor's office the other day, I was trying to point out a picture of an ear canal to my dd4 and dd7 turned her back to it while dd4 says "Cool". I should have known since last year when she was watching an episode of That's So Raven and Raven was in a fake stomach and I think spaghetti starting raining down on her or something. I passed by her and she was gagging and desperately trying to change the channel. She said the thought of being in the stomach turned her stomach. Anyway, fast forward several months and we borrowed a Magic School Bus video from the library and it was about the digestive system---uh-oh. You betcha---she covered her face and begged her little sis to turn it off in between convulsions. How am I supposed to teach her Health if she practically hyperventilates when she sees pictures? Any suggestions? What health program would anyone recommend? I have a couple of books that were passed on to me. One titled "Blood and Guts" --- yeah, I myself gag at the title. Wonder if she gets it from me? Hmmmmm?

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