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College mailings :)

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I know what you mean! My dh comes home at lunch, "Where's the mail." It's in son#1's room.


They make great geography lessons!! My son is tossing anything he isn't interested in(he is not a packrat!). I printed maps of the different regions of the us and he is writing the college name, city on the maps. Then someday when someone says to him, "I graduated from X University", he'll have a good idea of where it is and as a bonus, the younger siblings are looking at the brochures as they come in and the map and adding to their knowledge of the US.

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My son tossed ALL the mailings, saying that he could look up any college he was actually interested in online. He may be right, but I liked looking at the mailings.....


My dd1 kept ALL the college mailings. She filed the ones from colleges she liked in a filing box IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. She tossed the others in grocery bags -- she ended up with two grocery bags filled to the brim. We made her throw all of the mailings before she left to start her freshman year.


Clearly my two oldest are not identical! :D

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