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Which do you prefer - Horizons Math or CLE Math - and why?

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I am trying to decide between Horizons Math and CLE Math for my 4th and 6th grader. They have both used A Beka in the past, but I want to use something else. I bought both 4th and 6th grade Horizons at Used Book Sale, and am now questioning whether I want to use CLE. Can someone who has used both, or just one of them, tell me why they like it. I was going to combine Horizons with Math Mammoth for my 4th grader and use LOF Fractions, and then decimals along with Horizons with my 6th grader. I hate making these decisions!!!

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I like Horizons and have used it from the beginning with both of my children. I have looked at CLE, and it looks really good too, but I do not want to switch since Horizons is working well for us.


In your situation, I probably would not do Horizons, especially with your 6th grader, because Horizons only goes through 6th grade. You would have to find another program again next year

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Is there a specific reason you want to leave Abeka math?


I personally would stick with Abeka until high school and then find something different. If it's working there is no good reason to switch. I honestly doubt that either CLE or Horizons is better than Abeka. Different perhaps, but not better. Now, if Abeka is not teaching your dc, then by all means find something that will, but Abeka is a good solid math choice for elementary.

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Bumping for you...


I haven't used Horizons or CLE math, but I've seen both. Horizons is very colorful. Many love it. CLE has only one or two colors, but appears very thorough and covers a variety of things (computation, measurement, etc.)


I think we're going to use CLE. Part of that decision is because Horizons ends at grade 6.

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