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Latin Alive! Can this be done for highschool credit?

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Hi! I'm teaching Latin Alive! in our co-op this next school year. Some mothers would like to put their 9th graders in this course (I originally told everyone it was a jr. high Latin course) and were asking me if it would count as highschool credit. I don't have a 9th grader yet and really haven't researched credits and all. As long as they have enough work to put in the hours each week for "credit" should this text be okay?


Thanks for any input! I am willing to assign the highschool kids extra work if need be. This will be my first time teaching Latin in a co-op setting and would appreciate any advice! Thanks!:)

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I asked the author this question, I don't think she'd mind me sharing her response:


I think it may fluctuate according to region and curriculum. The problem is that LA is a 3-part series. Most public school programs (Cambridge, Ecce, etc.) divide theirs into 2 years (or 4 parts, 1 per semester). Latin 2 contains the passive forms and the subjunctive. So I'd say that LA1 is the equivalent of 3/4 of a high school Latin 1 course, but some schools might allow it to be considered Latin 1. LA2 will have some level 1 material (like comparison of adjectives and adverbs) and a lot of level 2 material. I wouldn't necessarily be against someone considering LA1 as 1 high school credit since it is pretty close. I would be very uncomfortable with them assuming they've had all of Latin 1 that they need, and move on to a Latin 2 class in a different curriculum. They would have a few holes.
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