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What makes a good DH?

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Here goes:


Me: you don't love me. you only brought me 3 cookies


dh: if I gave you cookies for how much I love you, you'd die of cookies


Me: I'll die of cookies please


DH: (snicker) would you like some more cookies?


me: No, I don't need anymore


DH: (shuffling around in the cookies box getting me more)


Me: You're a good husband, you know!


DH: I figured out the puzzle! Woohoo!


(he brings me 3 more cookies in a bowl, and then puts the box down next to me) (Thin Mints are REALLY good!)

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Not only does he bring you cookies, but thin mints. Now that is true love. My dh bought gs cookies the other day and he bought samoas. My dad was with him and he bought samoas too. When they got home my mom and I asked what was wrong with them? Why didn't they buy thin mint!? LOL!

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What makes a good dh? When you come home to a clean house, laundry done, sheets changed and two pictures hung (that you might have asked to be hung for oh 2 years or so) after spending 4 days taking your best friend to MD Anderson for treatments.


That is a very good husband.

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to do whatever.you.want! Tomorrow I told dh I'm not going to church :eek: He asked if I would like him to take the kids to visit my mother after church (that's our normal Sunday routine...church, mom's) so that I could just have some "me" time :) Wow! That's love. OH, and he brings me chocolate frequently (more freq. now that I'm in my ninth month). He KNOWS my need for chocolate :D Now, if he would just remember to put his dirty clothes in the hamper (2 feet from our bed) instead of on the floor next to our bed...:( bending over at this point in my pregnancy is just.not.comfortable.

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He gives you *2* CONSECUTIVE nights at a local Retreat Center for Christmas (knowing, of course, that you'll do your school planning for next year, while you're there.) :D


No clocks, no tvs, no kids.....>SIGH<

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