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getting ready for the plunge, a little help please!


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We are nearing the end of our kindergarted year here. I am looking ahead to first grade and getting things situated. I really love the plan laid out in WTM. But what I am not getting/visualizing is the notebooks for each subject (eg. history, science, etc).


Would someone be willing to post their child's notebooks? Or maybe give me a rundown of HOW you proceed with each subject. I'd appreciate it.

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We're just finishing 1st grade with science and history done a la WTM. For Science, I just bought a 3-in. binder, put in 4 dividers, labeled the first one, "Biology," and started filing all our narrations in it. (We haven't really done experiments - that's one area I've failed in this year.) We usually do two narrations each week, I write them both on the same piece of notebook paper, date them, and then file the paper at the end of the week. (Or later, if I don't get to it then.)


The fun part of science was picking out what to learn about. I used the Kingfisher Encyclopedias recommended in WTM along with their Botany recommendation, spent time at the beginning of the year picking out which animals/body systems/botany subjects we would study, and then reserved library books on those subjects just before we studied each one.


For History, I've just used the SOTW 1 AG, doing a narration for each selection, the map-work for each lesson, and either the coloring page or an activity for each lesson, sometimes both. Narrations and all copied pages from the AG get filed in order behind the first divider (Ancient History) in the 3-in History Binder. We haven't been doing the biographies as suggested - I intend to go back and use those for review as we finish up, since we haven't been trying to cover the entire book in one year.


It's been tons of fun!!



Mama Anna

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I want to thank you for your reply Mama Anna!


I get the actual notebooks now. Your discussing the 3 ring binder helped!


Could you (or anyone else that is willing) walk me through how you do your lessons?


I am not sure I 'get it' from reading WTM. I mean I know what a narration is. But...Do I read the section...then have my son just tell me in his own words what he just heard? Is it really that simplistic? I am at a lost here. :confused:

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Writing With Ease, spells out how to do narration. Maybe this sample will help (from peacehillpress.com):

Year 1, Week 3 -Parent pages

And if you want to look at some more:

Chapter 4 — The Three Stages

Chapter 8 — Year 1, Weeks 1–3


Here is a good thread on note-booking, with sample pages on the second page:

I thought that notebooking was making a scrapbook...

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Thank you for the links. And I guess I should have included in my original post...that I am reading from the 1999 edition of WTM. I have been meaning to borrow the revised edition from the library but haven't yet. And now there is another new edition out..... As I keep reading...I think I am getting it more and more. I suppose things would be a bit clearer once I have books in hand.

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